Beloit College Writing Center Appointments

For Fall 2020, we are offering scheduled video-chat tutoring via Google Meet.
Please read these instructions carefully!

Click any open time-slot to schedule a session that works for you.

Please do not schedule a second visit until your first visit is complete.

Include your email address in the info section that we ask you to complete–
we will send you an invitation to join a video-chat before the scheduled start of your session.
Click open the calendar event and select “Join Hangouts Meet.”

If you have any writing completed that you want the tutor to discuss with you,
they will ask you to share it with them in “presentation mode.”

While video-chat is our default mode of communication–
along with looking at your documents you can both access–
feel free to communicate your preferences, such as captions on/off or video on/off (some may prefer audio only).

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